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At Happy Tails Travel, our team works closely together to ensure our continued success as a professional, well established pet shipping company with outstanding customer satisfaction. This includes keeping up with the latest advances in technology and industry related changes. We communicate as a team with all vendors, airlines, veterinarians and pet families to ensure a smooth move for our four-footed clients.  Our goal is a safe and comfortable traveling experience for the pet. The goal is a pet who arrives safe and sound to their new home sweet home, and to provide a positive experience for the pet parent.

“My fur babies mean the world to me – I couldn’t imagine life without them! They’ve been my family through thick and thin! I’m so glad to have the opportunities to travel and bring them with me!”

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These are all of the tips you will ever need for quick and stress-free packing.

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We’ve created a list of our best Boarding tips to help you survive moving day.


We can recommend our packing services as part of a full-service move. We’ll make sure you’re ready to go before your moving day arriv

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If this is your first time moving with a pet, you’re probably worried about all of the unknowns . We take pride in helping you move locally or long distance. Moving is never pur-fect, but your pet doesn’t need to know that! For more than 8 years now.
United pet transport guides pets and their people through the often complicated process of moving—both domestically and internationally. From navigating regulations and paperwork to facilitating travel logistics, we make the journey as painless as possible, giving you the freedom to relocate without fear.

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